Friday, September 27, 2019

Maintenance Time

 So a couple of weeks ago, I loaded up the kids to lend a hand at the grandparents house. The work had been needing to be done for awhile, but it wasn't easy to get a day together to get it done!
 Dad's storage shed, we call it warehouse number 2, needed a sheet of the metal roofing replaced. A branch had fallen on it and bent it up pretty bad. His insurance lady was nagging him about it, so we better get to it!
 So following Grampa's advice Ben went up the ladder to get the old sheet off.
 Then DD helped to trim the new sheet to the correct length.
 And Ben slid it in to place. He did a real good job!
 I think he kind of enjoyed using the hand tools that Grampa had on hand.
 Nothing like using some serious hand tools to appreciate power tools!

 And the job is done and looking good! I think this shed will last for another 50 years or so!

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