Thursday, September 12, 2019

There's a New Kid..errr...Dog in Town

 I'm still working through my list of things to get done before winter...I got the wire mesh placed over the two window wells on the North side, I get so tired of cleaning out the leaves and debris, this should help a lot!
 Look there's Riley-she wants to help.
 Ladybird, Hank, Riley, Sandy and Ringo played with the kids a couple of weeks ago, they all play so hard!
 Up the steps and down the steps!
 Little Jaymie is a very good toy thrower for them to bring back to her!
 I also got the automatic dog water dish arranged to suit a couple of weeks ago. I should have told about it sooner.
 I got this nice dish off of Amazon, then got the quick connect hose connections and a new drinking water safe hose too. It's been hot so the dish has been doing it's job very well. It's a lot smaller than the old one-only about 2 or 3 quarts, but it fills right up as they drink, so it's fresher.
 And we've got a new kid in the yard. DD decided she needed to foster a shelter dog. I appreciate that-but I'm not sure she needed to be the one...but he's a sweetie, about 6-8 months old and who know what he is.
 He's been named Finn. There was a lot of discussion about that!
 And he's fitting in with the pack really well! His roommate Riley really loves to play with him.
I think he's beagle and St Bernard with Carolina Dog mixed in. Off to let them all outside now!

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