Saturday, October 5, 2019

Dog Days, Really Dogs

 SO often times, Hubs will take our two dogs for a short car ride out to the cemetery, he lets them out to run down the hill and picks them up at the bottom, then they come home. Well here's the weird thing, Ringo used to get in and out of his car without any issues, but lately, he won't get out. He just sits there in the shotgun seat, and won't get out-he growled at hubs when he tried to pull him out! If I go out and open the passenger door-he gets out! Boy-he has us trained!!
 DD's two pups have been here for doggie day care almost every day. They wrestle and have a good time! Except for old gal Sandy, she just looks at them with disgust.
 Ringo is much bigger than her pups, Riley and Finn.
 But they seem to enjoy roughhousing.
 Finn has been kind of a bad boy.....he's just a puppy, remember, only about 8-10 months old they guess. He has a chewing problem.....guard your shoes at all times. Gosh, he's adorable though. Oh Finn.
 When I got up the other day here's what was in the living room. Yes, he dragged that chair across the room and ate the upholstery off the front of it. The chair WAS over next to the cabinet, across the room!
Glad I don't have expensive new furniture. This is a really comfy low chair, I got it at an auction for, I think, $1. Maybe he just wanted me to have an upholstery project? I'll think about that.

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