Monday, October 14, 2019

Baby Quilt Finish

 I've had nothing but sewing machine drama this week! But by using 3 different machines, I was able to complete this nifty little baby quilt for a co worker of DD.
 This elephant fabric is so adorable! I added the pretty pink hearts, using the tutorial from Cluck, Cluck,'s the LINK.
SO cute, I chose to back this with the dotted minkee type of fabric-so soft and cuddly.
 But I had drama with my spray baste. I'm not sure if it's the fabric or the batting, but my spray won't hold worth a darn!
 It held pretty well to the backing, but the quilt top was a whole other story. I'm thinking it's the new batting I got at JoAnn. It has a noticeable scrim on it and I think it might be the issue.
This was not an easy quilt to get finished.
Poor Bernie, broke down again. So I used my Baby Lock-old reliable work horse, to finish piecing.
Then I used my Auction-find Brother to machine quilt in a nice meandering design.
Those hearts look so cute! And perfect for a baby girl quilt!
The minky backing is so nice and soft. After a quick wash, it's just perfect-and never mind all the stops and starts in the quilting, and never mind the less than perfect backing-it's still a great little quilt! And best of all... it's done!

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