Thursday, October 17, 2019

Feels Like Fall?

 I had to jump on the pumpkin flavor bandwagon....these M&Ms are really good! Don't judge, I used my 40% off a regular priced item coupon at JoAnn's.
 Anyways, I had purchased this panel in the past Summer, and thought it might work for a quilt for the church auction/bazaar. It was a kind of odd size, being vertical, so I thought about it for awhile....
 until it's only a few weeks away from the auction! SO I picked some colors I thought looked good and whipped up some no point stars. Here's the link to the stars from Cluck Cluck Sew.
 I'm still in the midst of sewing machine drama-waiting for the new one to arrive.
 But I toughed it out and got this one quilted on the little Brother. It's a lot harder to meander on it, the space is just so small, I like to go pretty big, but I had to downsize a little bit.
 Turned out to be about 50'X50" when it's all done. An OK size for a couch or lap quilt.
 I do love how the colors all play together really well.
 I backed it with some plush backing I got at JoAnn-when I got the M&Ms. It was on sale!
Off to the Bazaar/Auction it goes! Before I decide to keep it!!!

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