Saturday, November 2, 2019


 Way back in September, I finished and sandwiched this, 54-40 or Fight Freestyle-from the Missouri Star Quilt Company, quilt. I started to quilt it on my faithful Bernina machine, but alas...a sad moment when Bernie came to a jarring, grinding halt. I folded the quilt up and went machine shopping. That's another Post though.....
 And here we go! I finished this big beautiful quilt!
 I pinned it up in the tree in the backyard, as the dogs tried to sleep on a corner of it.....go play you guys!
I love how it finished!
 Hubs and DD both disagree-they like matchy-matchy.
 But I love the scrappy variety of color this time. It looks so complicated, but was pretty easy to make! I might even make another one...another time!
 And Bob approves of the back too! I LOVE that backing fabric-I got it over at Helio's in Mt Vernon, Iowa. It was on sale of course! Love that store!
I'm just so glad to get it finished-I really don't like having unfinished projects around-crafty guilt!
And I donated the barn quilt to the church bazaar and they got $100 for it! WOW! Now I feel better about that. I really liked it a lot, I'm glad someone else did too!

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