Thursday, May 21, 2020

A Reward!

 So, I made a few more masks-what does it mean when DD (Darling Daughter) brings fabric? It means you sew a few more masks.
 It's been rainy this weekend on Saturday Bob and Ringo stayed in and napped...while I sewed masks. And those masks I delivered a couple of weeks ago? Look what came in the mail!!!
 Yup, the Tieks Shoes people came through! They sent me a $100 gift card towards the purchase of their cute little flats.
 I ordered a pair for DD. Look at the nice packaging. I said, it better be nice, especially if I had paid regular price! Do you know what regular price is? The lowest priced ones are $175.00...yeah, so getting $100 off is the only way we'd be getting these.
 The shoes are very nice quality, and heavier than I thought they would be.
 DD says they are pretty comfortable. She wore them to work. She's on her feet a lot, so if she says they're comfy, they must be!
So there's the pay off for sewing masks for the UIHC.
And a very sad thing has happened. James has passed away. He and my sister Julie were such a great couple. Due to covid restrictions she was not able to be with him in the hospital. He will be so very missed.

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Shannon Daro said...

I am so sorry to hear about James' passing. Please give my love to Julie.