Sunday, May 10, 2020

Sew Many Projects

So here's my little bunny wall hanging that I didn't get done in time for Easter. But I am determined to finish up these projects!
There! See that didn't take long and now I'm ready for next Easter! 
And of course there's the pile of fabrics that I was optimistically cutting to size for masks. I completed it too!

 51 masks ready to go to the UIHC. And as a bonus, if I take a picture of the masks & delivery, I can get a $100 gift card towards a pair of Teiks shoes!
So here we go, I went to pick up my Dad after his kidney improvement surgery, so I made use of the time to drop off the masks.
 The Stead Children's wing is all decorated, as I drove by I snapped this shot.
 Then the volunteers at the Valet/guest station picked up my bag of masks-no contact, no getting out of the car or anything! Very slick indeed!
 Then I just moved up the traffic line to pick up Dad. He was wheeled out in just a couple of minutes.
 So now I just have to submit the pictures to Teiks, and hopefully, They'll approve and I can order some pricey but cute shoes.
 I rode along with DD while she went to make a pick up she purchased from a facebook group. We were going through Amana, so of course we stopped at the Heritage Needlework shop-they are open for limited number of people in the shop. And she saw they had some different Iowa fabric, and some firefighter fabric, so I made a few MORE masks for her and her firefighter friend. Now I'm NOT making anymore masks!......Really, not unless someone asks.
 Look at these cure flower cookies! DD brought them over for me for mother's day and a gift card to my favorite Quilt Shop in Mt Vernon, Helio's.
 They're so cute and tasty too! Thanks Darling Daughter!
 Then I got hoodwinked into another project. She wants a shelf unit that rolls in to the space beside the refrigerator. Pinterest strikes again!! Similar this one from Pinterest-via
So here's the basic frame, she did a great job making pocket screw holes to put it all together. It should serve the purpose well.  She's going to paint it and put the wheels on the bottom at her house.
Measuring and cutting accurately is not our strong suit though.  She's adding the back board and I'll need to go to her house to see the finished product in a few days I guess. Now off to finish my pile of mending projects.

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