Saturday, April 25, 2020

Masks...Who would have Guessed?!

 SO I've been encouraged to make some masks for folks to wear as we maneuver through the Covid19 pandemic.  I cut up a lot of pretty and ugly fabric scraps-one plus, my scrap bin lids close now! I practiced a few different ways to make masks too.
 Then I washed them and look at this wadded up mess I got. I tied them in a pillow case to keep them from getting all tangled up! HA! Not so much! Then of course there's the elastic shortage. Did you know 1/8" elastic is like gold?! Amazon is sold out, local sewing shops and quilt shops are sold out, people are cutting up t shirts and underwear to get elastic. I think that's a little extreme, but folks want to help.
 I've been digging in my stash and found enough to make about 25 masks of different varieties, and I ordered some from a lady on etsy. It's orange! Love it, but I worry it may be a little heavy on ones ears. I made a quick, no pleats, prototype and DD says it's fine and she would know!
Here's the bunch I washed up and ironed and bagged to go to her work, I think I'll settle in to just the Olson type for a little while. They're the roundish's the link to the pattern suggested by the Facebook Group Masks for the Frontlines Iowa. Unity Olson Mask.

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