Tuesday, December 15, 2020

It's Progress


So Hubs had the idea he wanted a Nordicware Bundt pan. SO I went to their web page and ordered one, and then a little one and then a cookbook. Here's the first cake! Pineapple Upside Down Cake. This was in the Bundlette pan. It was very pretty and Tasty too. I'll make a big one another time. The Bundt pan sure makes a pretty cake.
I got my Christmas cards ready to go out on Monday...they're on the way!
I put Santa out the other day too! I outfitted him with a Smart bulb so he changes colors and turns off and on. I set a timer for him every day so I don't have to do anything! 
My favorite ceramic Christmas tree is out and looks great. I ordered a new star for the top.... I seem to have lost the one I had.
We had a big snow on Saturday! I ran the snow blower for the first time this season. I rotated equipment a few weeks ago, and noticed the gas cans were both empty...I'll get gas next week I thought back then...HA! SO, of course,  had to run down to the gas station before I could finish the driveway! 
I had a small outage with my heat tape. For some reason the GFCI tripped, so it was off all night and didn't have a chance to melt the snow. I got out there and got it re set and look how fast it melted away the accumulation of snow.
See Ringo out there in the snow? We got quite a bit of snow, maybe 5 inches or so.
The back yard trees look so pretty. Thankfully the roads are clear and it's not too cold.

And I got the Christmas tree up too. I didn't have a plan this many choices!!! SO I brought in the smallest tree, and went with gold....I was thinking I'd add a color, but then I came across a big roll of plaid ribbon I must have gotten a few years ago, so I went with the plaid

I saw a tree on pinterest that did the ribbon criss-cross, so I did that too! It looks OK. A taller tree would look better with the ribbon this way. 
Gold and plaid it is this year! I'm going to look for some more gold lights when they go on clearance after Christmas-I could have used a few more lights I think.

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