Tuesday, February 23, 2021

I 80 Shopping & Snow-of Course!

Cabin Fever has set in, so we masked up and headed over to Williamsburg, IA for the I 80 Shopping Spree. DD went with me! Love to spend a little time with my girl.
Lots of stuff to see! So many beautiful quilts and fabric!
And they served food and had the signature cocktail too! They're all fancy! I also took the display Nolting long arm for a quick spin. Hmmmm, I am in lust for sure.
I didn't take a picture, but here's one from the Nolting website. It was such a nice relaxing time-easy to keep our distances and of course masks!
And of course the snowblower broke down. My faithful old workhorse up and died on me.  SO Hubs bought this beauty.
It's an Ariens-Made in the USA. Kind of pricey, but those heated hand grip-WOW!!
I took her on the maiden voyage to clean up a few snow piles out in the driveway.
It worked very well. It's a lot heavier than my old one. It's all metal-no plastic on the chute at all.
Unfortunately, I think we'll have a few more trips down the driveway before it's time to store her away for the summer.

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