Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Kind of Like Groundhog Keeps Coming


It seems like the snow keeps on coming every few days. Unfortunately, the snow blower broke down on Thursday!! YIKES. Hubs called and the repair shop would get it in right away. 
I drove it over to North liberty, in the pick up, it's also zero degrees out...brrrrrr. If you drivr over the Forever Green overpass over Highway 380, you can see that traffic was backed up for several miles. 
Looked like a parking lot out there! Anyways, I got the snow blower dropped off.
Then I get to shovel the ramp...... again.My electric heat tape on the top landing does seem to be working pretty well. But when it's really deep like this, it loses the battle.
The dogs like it out in the cold and snow.....
But they would rather be indoors when the temps are this low! 

But good news the snowblower is fixed! I picked it up on Monday, and we only had a little bit, maybe 2-3" of fluffy snow, so we'll see if I need it before the weekend or not!!

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