Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Big News and Birthdays

Yup...lookie here-I got the first of 2 vaccines today! YAY! One more in April. So glad to get this done!

On Saturday, this postcard kept taunting me....20%off...go over to Amana....

SO of course I caved and drove over to Heritage Designs.

THis is just the nicest store-It's not the biggest, but they do have a nice selection...and on sale!
I picked up a few of the Iowa prints, I've been thinking about the Iowa Hawkeyes quilt for awhile now. Than I saw a pattern on MSQC Youtube that I think will work out really well.

I already had quite a few black and golds stashed for this project.
And the first few blocks look pretty good! 

Then I came home and made a little birthday cake. It's a Mt Dew Cake.
People make soda cakes all the time, and you could use any flavor beverage. It came out pretty good. It looked pretty on the glass platter.
We also had the German chocolate cake to celebrate Dannie & Jaymie's birthdays.
It's been quite awhile since we have been able to get together. 
Everyone except me & Ben oh and Dannie's latest BF Shannon, had their vaccines, and the kids are always a wild card no matter what. 
Jaymie turned 13! 
We had breakfast for supper, pancakes and waffles with sausage & bacon.
It was really good. 
And with 7 dogs playing together it was like a scene out of Go Dog Go! Happy Birthday indeed!


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