Thursday, April 15, 2021

Sad Day


This is a picture from about 3 years ago, My dad and me and my brother. Mom was in the hospital after a bad fall and my Brother came to see her. He tended to pop up in the most unlikely of times.
He was our big brother. He also died today from Covid. I went last night and stayed at the hospital with him. He was not responding to anything. I held his hand and I talked to him. The family all came and everyone spent some time with him. His daughter, Erin, is making the arrangements for his care. 

This is what a ventilator looks like. This machine breathed for my brother for 2 days.
I wish I didn't know what a ventilator looks like or how it works. 
When I left the hospital this morning, Faron's vitals were not great, but not awful. Unfortunately, his blood test results showed heavy damage to his vital organs due to lack of blood flow and lack of oxygen. He had very kind and caring nurses throughout the night and they took the time to make sure we all understood what was going on. 
I only wish that my brother would have gotten the vaccine. It might have made the difference. 
If you are reading this, please get vaccinated, wear your mask, wash your hands and social distance when ever possible. 
You will be so missed. We weren't always close, but you always sent me a message when I least expected it. I always knew you were in the loop, even if there was no visible activity. I guess that's still true. I pray that you are breathing easy in your heavenly home. 

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