Sunday, April 18, 2021

Finished Projects

Well since I stayed with my Brother in in last hours, I've been exposed to Covid. So I am on self quarantine from my work. Since the start of the pandemic, my work has had rules in place to prevent spread. One of those rules is that you need to answer the questions to be admitted to work. One of the questions is, Have you had close contact with any people who have covid? Anyways, 10 days of self quarantine.  I've been trying to get motivated to finish a few projects around the house.
I finally got going on a project I've been thinking about-and procrastinating about-for quite a long time. We have two window wells out front in the driveway. They tend to collect leaves and debris and look terrible! I pushed some wire in them to try to keep junk out of there, but it's not working too well.
So I used some treated lumber to build a frame-I used the Kreg jig to put it together.
I made one and then just repeated the steps to make the 2nd one. Then I used a fine wire mesh to cover it.
Nott too bad. 

I think they look pretty good! And they look like they'll do the job well.
See those old leaves, they gather in the space around the window wells. 
I sweep them away and in a day or two, they're back.
I also went and did a little work to straighten up the flag pole. It was leaning a little bit as a result of last years derecho. I'll wait until the tulips are done and see if it needs a little more of a boost.
I used the shovel to dig out the cement around the flag pole, and then shoved some rocks under there to level it out again, Look at all the pretty violets out in the yard!
I just love these violets! 


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