Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Winter Was Hard on the Park Bench

Winter was hard on the park bench from the back yard. The frame on the back broke! A couple of screws fell out-how does that happen? 
The bottom board on the back is really in bad shape. SO I took it apart, and scrounged up some pressure treated boards.

I had to replace the screws that hold the support brackets on the underside of the seat. I didn't replace the seat slats-just tightened up the bolts. I replaced those slats that a few years ago-2012 actually.
There! I cut the top rail so it fits pretty good. Not too bad!  I was going to sand it smoother to fit the plastic lattice stuff, but I'm out of sand paper! 
There all done and ready for another season of sitting. Don't look too close! There is room for improvement, but it'll do. One more thing checked off my to do list!!


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