Saturday, May 29, 2021

The Wall

 So we are almost done with the important home repairs and have a little bit of insurance money left. Hubs has been pretty unhappy with the state of the North hillside, so he called and got an estimate for a retaining wall last fall. They came last week to install it.

When I got up, they were well underway.
The plan was to have a couple of flower beds up top on the hill and the actual retaining wall would be short enough to make a good sitting spot.

They dug down and started making a good base.
I'm glad they are getting far enough back so the driveway is uncovered. Through the years the hill has been encroaching into the driveway. I was able to get the peony bush out of there, I hope it survives the new hole I made for it around the back yard. It's not the best time to transplant it I don't think. 

Here's the top view. I'm not exactly sold on the way it's shaping up.

It does look like a nice wall.
And here it is all done.
Well it's better than the hill of weeds. But not quite what Hubs was hoping for either. 
They didn't make a 2nd wall to make beds on the top.  And it's still too steep at the top to be mowed. I was hoping my gardener would be able to mow the whole thing. 
It's a nice wall, but I bet there'll be more to come. Ringo likes it ok, but he misses his tall grass!

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