Thursday, May 20, 2021

Out and About


Look! I ordered a new rug from Target. Isn't it pretty!
It just sits in front of the couch with the coffee table on top of it. This is what Hubs calls his AO. That's Area of Operations. Where he settles in to watch TV and fall asleep on the couch.
And bonus, this rug is made ion the USA. Maples Rugs. I just love it!
Since we are all fully vaccinated, I drove up to see Mom & Dad last weekend. 

So good to see them, it's been a LONG TIME! Here's Dad and his new truck! It was great to visit! I sewed a little bit with Mom and then did lunch. Then on Saturday I went to the Downtown Farmers Market in Iowa City with DD.
There's always a lot to see at the farmer's Market.
It's a little early in the season for a lot of produce, but the vendors are out there with all they have!
So glad the vaccine has helped to make us all feel a lot better about getting out. I'll still wear a mask when in a crowd, but boy it's nice to get out and about!!

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