Monday, May 3, 2021

A Little Progress

So I cobbled together this temporary fence to keep the canines contained while some cement was coming for the new deck.
The contractors arrived and removed the steps, and 
prepared a little pad for the bottom of the steps-I like to think of it as a doggie doormat. It's about 6' X 8' or so. 

And here comes the cement!
It was a good day to be outside-not too hot, not too cool.
We've been waiting since last year for this work to get going.
After the derecho, we had damage to the deck, so we decided to upgrade a little with the cement. 
It will be so nice to have a sturdy place for the bottom of the steps. Plus maybe the dogs will leave a little dirt out there instead of tracking it all in.
It didn't ake much time at all and they had the cement all dumped in.

They worked it all out -doesn't it look great!

The view from the dog containment fence!

We're looking forward to more work in a week or two. Some of the lumber supplies are on order, so we're waiting on that to arrive. More to come!

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