Thursday, April 29, 2021

Odd N Ends

 So my work required me to remain self quarantined for 10 days due to close contact with some one with Covid. When I got back to work, I had to send our health dept folks a photo of my temperature check as I entered the building. Green Check is Good!
Anyways, I had some time to kill, so I organized my ratty old tool box. The winter was tough on it too. It had been tipped over, and all the junk just tossed back in. Not good at all. 
There, much better-top try all sorted.
One drawer for screwdrivers-I think I have enough......
And those pesky stray sockets-metric and Standard, all sorted out now. I have a set with the sizes sorted out, these are just Odds N Ends.
My beautiful gardener came and did the 1st mowing of the year. 
 She's so good!
We also had a small family get together while my younger sister was visiting for Brother's funeral. Bean was messing with me...
They said, they took a picture of me taking a picture.....I sure love these two! 
And these two too
And these two too! We had a nice lunch at Julie's and I sure hope we get to visit a little more often soon!

And then yesterday I was alerted that the contractor that's going top build the new deck was going to bring cement ! I had to cobble together a fence to keep the dogs out of that part of the yard. I just gathered up all the odds n ends I could find to keep them in the back part of the yard. More to come about that cement!

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