Thursday, June 17, 2021

It's a deck!

 So a few weeks ago, we had the cement pad poured for our deck improvement project.

Remember back in 2020, August 10, 2020 actually,  we had the derecho and that caused a big branch from our front yard tree to fall on our current deck. 

Anyways, at long last we have a contractor to do the work and look! We have materials!!!The lumber and decking was delivered on June 3. 
And then this got started......
Our contractor is also an old school chum of DD's. Missy and her Hubs have been operating AA Reynolds construction for quite a few years. 
SO DD took the opportunity to use power tools. 
Who doesn't love some power tools? I know I do.
Look at the pretty railing that's going in. And we're using Trex brand decking. It's a composite material so it's supposed to be no maintenance. 
A lot of work got done on the 1st day of work. Unfortunately, decks are the contractor's side line, during the week they work on houses. SO they will be back next Saturday.
And here's how we finished up last Saturday. 
I love it! That new aluminum railing is so good looking!
And we got the pergola! 

THe only thing left is the trim around the outside edges. That is on backorder. BOO! And they are going to add trim around the bottoms of the cedar pergola posts.
Bob seems to be OK with the Trex decking.
It looks so good. 
I like it all a lot. 
We had 6 2X8 boards left, the lumber company is supposed to come pick them up. SOme folks say the price of lumber would make this little pile like gold, but I don't think the prices are too bad here. I took my folding chair out and sat on the new deck and it was so nice! Hmmmmm, maybe I need a couple of deck chairs?! 

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