Friday, June 25, 2021

Project Completions

 SO, I got some projects to finish from my Mom. This is a giant bag to carry her sewing machine in. 

I can see why she set this aside. The edges weren't going straight and the parts were slipping around and it was just not a good situation.
SO I trimmed it up quite a bit. Then I knew I'd struggle with the two layers slipping around too. What to do, what to do? Aha! I decided to quilt the layers and then carry on.
I just used my big yard stick and made chalk lines to follow. The layer of heavy nylon and the layer of foam padded liner went together great!
It cam out really good. I trimmed the size down quite a bit, but it's still going to be a pretty big bag.

And here it is! I made the big outside pocket with an adjustable strap to hold the embroidery module. 
SHe had the webbing for the handles, there was just exactly enough!
I used some scraps of fabric to make the flap and to bind the upper edge of the pocket too.
I love how it cam out! It is pretty darn big though!!
The other project is a rain cape. She had a pretty good start on it too. It was a little bit too big though. SO I trimmed off the seams and took in in about 12 inches overall. 
I had never sewn this laminated fabric before. It went very well, It helps when you have the vinyl sides together and are sewing wrong side out.  I got the hood fitted on and made a drawstring for it. I also finished the arm hole openings. I added plastic snaps to the front and it's shaping up pretty well!
Then I used cotton fabric to make binding for the bottom edge, it gives it a nice finished look. It should work perfectly on rainy days when she needs to carry stuff and manage her cane too. 
SO those projects are done! Now to work on that star quilt that's been waiting for over a year now. I think it must be covid stars!!

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