Wednesday, October 6, 2021

A Little Road Trip for Socks

So Hubs and me loaded up and drove to Osage Iowa to get some socks. Every year the Fox River Socks Company has a big sock sale run by the Lions Club.  I've ordered socks from  Fox River Socks on line before. And really like them. They are really nice quality and work really well with my work shoes.
All the socks are $1-about $5 a pair. And all the proceeds go to local charities. And the socks are made here in Iowa-huge win there. The sock sale is held at the Mitchell County Fairgrounds, and there are quite a few other events at the same time-lots of yard sales, and vendor booths too. 
Volunteers set up the room with socks in all kinds of sizes and colors. They help folks find what they want and they make the whole process so easy!
There are soccer socks, baseball socks, kids socks, fancy socks, and mostly tall socks. Obviously Fox River makes socks for Duluth Trading Company and LL Bean and a lot of different companies. 
I found some for a few Christmas presents, and I found a few for DD and other family members. 
Here's my big sack o socks.  We'd never been to Osage before-it's a very nice looking town. Lots of tidy businesses on main street and all the parks are very nicely groomed. 
This guy went with us for the 2 hour trip-he did great. 
There's a Cedar River access just south of town, we let Ringo out for a break there. He was very pleased with the facilities!

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