Saturday, September 25, 2021

I'm Only a Week Behind....

So I have a good excuse for being behind! I spent Two entire days with DD as she had Gastric By Pass Surgery. Hanging out in this hall way because the waiting room was too full-even with all the space between people due to Covid.
Finally she got into a room and I could sit and watch her sleep. She's doing fine at home now. A few days later she was feeling pretty darn good, so we went on a little lookie loo adventure.  
The local Hemp Farm, right up the road from us,  had an open house/pick your own event. So we went out to see what that was all about.
Lovely plants, you could pick for yourself. They'd dry them and keep them for you until the state test results are received....because the state won't allow sales of hemp with THC levels over a certain arbitrary number. This hemp contains CBG and that's what makes the product popular with folks who have aches and pains and what not.
SO we learned a lot at the Carriage House Farm. Here's a LINK to an article about the farm.
Then we stopped at the animal shelter pumpkin/plant sale. I got us a pretty little chrysanthemum. That was about all the fun DD could take for one day. And now I'm not behind any more!

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