Friday, September 17, 2021

Labor Day Weekend Labors


Not really labor, but I went to the Labor Day Flea Market out at the Johnson County Fairgrounds on Labor Day Monday. I've been liking the looks of these metal picnic baskets for awhile and picked this one up for only $10
I also got a couple of pieces of that green jadeite that my darling daughter likes so well. I got a pouring bowl-or whatever they're called and also a D handle mug stowed safely in my lucky flea market bag.

There's a Facebook group that I see quite a bit-they are all gaga over this Pyrex stuff. I can do without any more of that kind of thing.
On Sunday it was Family reunion time. We had a very small turn out-only about 7 people, plus Mom & Dad and me.
It was nice to get together and visit once again. I was fine with the small turnout in light of the covid still going around.
Selfies with Mom are always good!
Hubs was home canning tomatoes. He's a sucker for anyone giving away produce and one of his legion pals gave him two boxes of tomatoes. Thankfully he gave away one box to another legion gal!
I had to locate the cans and the canner pot to get him set up. I'm thankful I keep all the canning jars and we had enough-I still picked up a couple of boxes of pints when I saw them at Menards.  They are a little bit hard to find in stores around here this time of year. 
Well I guess we're all set just like the pioneers with our pantry stocked with home canned tomatoes.

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