Thursday, August 30, 2012

Deep Sigh...

Remember when I blogged about my Sewer troubles? Here?
Well look at this.
The city still hasn't come to fix the mess they left behind. The lid isn't locked shut to the lift station, and it stinks back there!! I'm glad we don't have littler kids around with that lid not locked down! It makes me nervous-I hate to think of a kid or a critter was to fall in there!
There's a big hole in the dirt next to the cement station. And darn it I had just planted hostas from the front hill all the way around the darn thing too!
And worst of all they haven't put our chain link fence back together so the dogs have been confined to the little area on the south side of the house. No fun for them!
They had to trench up through the neighbors yards too. They just left a lump of dirt all the way up there! I hope we get some action soon, Hubs told the mayor that we'd call a landscaper and send them the bill if they don't get it taken care of. 
It's getting to be a jungle out there-I may have to call the hay balers to come in!!

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