Monday, August 20, 2012

The Budweiser Tour

So one thing we found out right away was that if you want beer likely it will be a Budweiser product. They are very proud and supportive of their local brewery.
 We took the tour-It was FREE! And it was a very interesting tour.
at the welcome center there is all kinds of memorabilia. The tour guides lead the group along some lovely gardens in areas where the original home of the Anheiser  and  Busch families resided.
All the buildings a lovely red brick with stone ornaments all over the place. Inside there are lovely tiles like these with Bevo-the fox-it was the symbol for a non alcoholic beverage the brewery produced during prohibition.
This is a view of the mixing area.
 The Clydesdale barn was awesome-chandeliers and horses.

 These are the huge tanks where the beer is beechwood aged.

 The entire grounds is just really pretty. Lots of eagles and ornaments.

This is a view of one packing line from an observation balcony.

 Everywhere you look is stone work and polished brass.

This is the trolly that brings us back to the welcome center where you get two free Anheiser Bush products.We  had very nice tour guides-college students on summer break. The very funniest thing was when the handicapped folks get to ride the elevator to see some areas, well the elevators play the "Here Comes the King" song when it is not during tour hours, but for some reason when we got on and the doors closed the song played-the tourguide laughed and said well you must be special because it never does that during tour times!

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