Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Great Food Hunt

So it seems like whenever we go on vacation, hubs wants to find a specific grocery item. So we go to various grocery stores to find it.
This is the Whole Foods Store in Brentwood-just a little ways, sort of...from St Louis. We are hunting for a beef tri tip and linguisa sausage. Whole Foods is a lovely store. All organic and whole.
They don't have any tri tip  on hand but will get some tomorrow. They don't carry linguisa, but "you should pop over to the Global Foods Store". so off we go.
Global foods is, yes, you guessed it-global. check out this food.
It was pretty amazing, but they were OUT of linguisa sausage. They wouldn't get it in again for a week. Awwww, so sad. but we should check at Schnucks for the tri tip.
So off we go to Schnucks, yes Knuck's at Schnucks. Schnucks is like Safeway or HyVee. Pretty basic everyday kind of place. We bought Goldfish crackers for $1 a package. It was a good deal. But they didn't have tri tip.
So on Saturday morning as we are getting ready to head home, we make the side trip back out to Whole Foods-
And we ate tri tip on Sunday at home.

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