Friday, December 14, 2012

The JCP Bargain

Have you seen the cute commercials for JCPenney this holiday season? They advertise these adorable buttons.
While I was in Marshalltown shopping with the sisters and Mom last week, I got a couple of buttons and I won a $10 certificate!!! You just go to and enter the little tiny code on the back of the buttons and see if you won or not. They send you an email with your winner -or not-information.  
So I dashed off to my JCP store in Iowa City with my printed out coupon in hand to find a Christmas gift for some kiddos I know.
Look,,How cute is this?! Little skinny jeans and a cute long sleeve t shirt...guess how much I paid? Go on guess! No not $20, no not $10, No not even $5....I paid $3.42!!! WHAT! YES! What a DEAL! That's DEAL in capital letters. DEAL!!!!!

AND, Get this ....I got 2 more buttons and......YES!!! Another $10 certificate!! You gotta go to JCP. Here's the link, go to your store and get a button!
JCP Merry Christmas America!
And just so you know, I don't have any association with JCP, I just love a good deal!

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