Friday, June 7, 2013

Hy Vee Fuel Saver

I rarely buy gas at Casey's or Hy Vee, but this new fuel saver program had me curious. So I signed up, and got a card.  Here's the link where you can learn all the details about the Hy Vee Fuel Saver program.
I got a sheet of coupons in the mail, and everyone knows I'm a sucker for a coupon....just look at my JoAnn's coupon usage! Anyways, I needed to get groceries, so i sought out the coupon items I wanted too.Only certian coupons are good for certain weeks, and the deal is that you buy $25 of groceries and you get the specified amount on your fuel saver card with the coupon for that week. This week was an added .20, next week it's .30.
I have my card saved on my phone app, I  would never remember to bring a card to the store so I just added it to all the cards I already have on my Key Ring App.  Here's the Link for Key Ring App. So when I got done with my shopping, I checked my receipt, to see how I was doing. The other catch is that you can only keep savings on the card for 30 days. I knew I was coming up on 30days on the beginning amount on my card so I planned to get gas today.
YAY! I was up to .94 off per gallon. So I started at 3.73 per gallon

and after swiping my actual fuel saver  card, I paid 2.79  a gallon.

I asked the guy inside when I paid if I could bring in my app instead of swiping my card and could they do it that way, and he said yes.  SO overall I guess it's a good deal, but there are a couple of things to be careful of. A lot of times the things you have to buy to get fuel savers discounts are multiples. Like you have to buy 5 bags of frozen vegetable to get  5 cents off per gallon. If you don't need 5 bags of vegetables and can't store 5 bags of vegetables then you kind of get ...a not such a good deal.
If you regularly shop at Hy Vee, then likely you already buy stuff that has fuel saver discounts on it. I'm a pretty steady Fareway shopper, but for some items it's worth it to go to Hy Vee for the gas savings.  And the coupons I got in the mail are really the best way for me to get the fuel saver discounts.  When they are gone, I might not find the deal as useful.
I should mention that I don't work at Hy Vee and they don't know me at all I just wanted to blog about my experience with the fuel saver card.

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