Monday, August 25, 2014

The St Louis Zoo

So as I may have already mentioned, it was about 100 degrees F in St Louis last week when we visited.
 But I wanted to go to the zoo, so here we go....we waited until Friday afternoon. It was right at 100. Of course. OK so when you enter the parking area...did I mention the admittance to the zoo is FREE? You only have to pay $15 to park if you choose to drive to the zoo. Imagine if you took the could do the zoo for like under $5. Actually if you had a carload of people, you could really come out pretty economically.
 There are really beautiful sculptures scattered along the parking lot and walkway as you go into the zoo.
 We rented a scooter for Hubs, only $26 for all day! And worth every penny so I didn't have to push a wheelchair in 100 degree heat!!!!!
 Rhino, and Hyena

 Birds and Rhino
 cool fox
 HIPPOS! Look how cool this enclosure is. Those smart hippos, were swimming on this hot day!

 The zoo keeper was moving the cheetah inside when we got here.

 Elephants...and another cool sculpture on the wall of a lizard...made you look twice at that!!

 The elephants were looking very good!
 So the sea lion enclosure was very cool, really cool in fact, you could stay oout in the sun and watch them .....
 or go into the AIR CONDITIONED TUNNEL....YESSS! Ahhh it was sooo nice to get cool!
 This was a really awesome display, for the sea lions, the water was moving over the tunnel so it was a wonderful effect.
 I think this was my favorite place in the zoo.

 Flamingos, and a little further along the giant bird cage.
 I had wanted to see the giant FLIGHT CAGE, because it was originally built for the 1904 St Louis World's Fair. I think it's cool that it still exists and the birds do fly around in there...I didn't want to go in but it was cool to see.

 Moving along to the Red Rocks area of the zoo looking for some big cats.....

 cute gazelle

 tall giraffe,
 Ohh camels!

 Can you see the leopard?
 actually two of them and the tiger soaking in the sun...
 Phew! That's enough animals I think. We moseyed on down to the main plaza where it was Jungle Boogie night! Every Friday night through the Summer they have a live band playing so folks can come and enjoy the zoo

 Even in the heat there was a good crowd.....
 The band was good, and the people were all having such fun!
We loved this lady! She danced every dance and was so full of joy, it made us smile in spite of the miserable heat!!There was so much to see at the zoo, we probably only went through about 2/3 of it all, but we did enjoy the visit!

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