Sunday, August 24, 2014

Under Way

 So I cleaned out the car.....
 packed the electronics...... and programmed Gretel (I call the Garmin GPS Gretel, well she leaves a trail for you to find your way home just like in Hansel and Gretel and besides she talks like that) to take me to The Quilted Fox quilt shop in St Louis. Hmmm, well this is the address that I saw on the website, and it looks like an office building......hmmmm let's look a ways further.......
 Oh I see the fox!! Jeeze who would look for a quilt shop in a business office plaza?
 OK, so the reason I wanted to come to the Quilted Fox was because they have custom St Louis fabric.
mmm. Isn't this fabric luscious? Oh my yes indeed! It's from M & S Textiles and is Australian from original Aboriginal designs, how unique.
What a nice shop, so much to see!

 Lots of nice fabrics here, but here's what I came for!
Isn't this pretty? It's a  batik print. And it's only at the Quilted Fox in St. Louis, I'm glad a got there to get some even though Gretel and I had a hard time finding the place!

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