Saturday, February 27, 2016

St Patrick's Day is Coming

So, my friend moved to an assisted living apartment awhile back and one thing I noticed is that all the folks like to decorate their appartment doors for the holidays. St Patty's day is coming up so I dipped into the ol' scrap bin and chose some greens to work with to make a banner for her door.
 I printed the words on my computer printer  then traced them backwards on the heat-n-bond fusible fabric adhesive.
 I also traced the big shamrock on the heat-n-bond too/
 I ironed the letters and shamrock in place and then serged the edges of this dark green plaid fabric and sewed a sleeve at the top to hang it.
I was going to get a dowel for the top but then remembered I had some pretty thick copper wire so I twisted the ends up and TA-DA, there's a banner holder. I just tied some green cord on and it's finished. I took it over to my friend's apartment yesterday and she loved it! I meant to get a picture of it hanging but I forgot! Darn it! Anyways, she's got a decorated door that will surely be the envy of the other folks! LOL!

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