Monday, February 22, 2016

What A Nice Weekend

 SO have you stopped by Tweaked Too in Oxford , Iowa? It's the cutest little shop. Part antiques, part crafty-ness, part imported decor. All rolled into a great old building!
 Look, inside this suitcase of glass is a string of lights-what a cool effect!

 Cute stuff everywhere you look and wonderfully arranged.
 Who thinks of using half a chair to make a display nook?
And if that wasn't enough I only paid 1.49/gallon for gas at Costco on Sunday!
 I also got a woodburning tool so I could make the dots on my rustic yard yahtzee dice!
 Look how cool this is! I think we had a tool like this when we were kids-I can't imagine what our grown ups were thinking! This thing gets HOT!
 They are almost all done. I love the imperfect perfect look of these! Hubs thinks I'm crazy-but look here....
On Amazon these cost $35! Mine are FREE!
I'll have to post again when we play a game in the yard when the weather is a little bit better!

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