Thursday, March 17, 2016

Fabric Galore!

So I went on a mission while we were visiting Minneapolis. I wanted to look for some fabric at the SR Harris Fabric warehouse in Brooklyn Park Minnesota.
My partners in crime were willing to tolerate my visit. But even I was not prepared for the sheer volume of fabric in this warehouse!
Bins of buttons, and zippers, and all kinds o f trims. Some of it is not what you'd call first quality, but the quantity is amazing! And it's all 50% off the marked prices. They have leather chunks by the pound and so many different things it's overwhelming!!
Look at all the faux furs! SO many unusual kinds!
And all kinds of home decor fabrics-too many rolls to really see well. And knits, my goodness! And some are marked with designer and brand names too! Nike, Donna Karan, and lots of designer quilt fabrics.

 There is so  much fabric that you really need to focus on what you really need or you'd be lost for hours!
 Look at these vinyls-there were a zillion different textures and colors.
Anyways, I did find what I came for-gray lace and gray taffeta for Uber son & Lovely Jean's wedding.
Poor DD, she just wandered along side me aimlessly hoping it would soon end. I think if I want to see a ton of fabric again, I'll go to the SR Harris in Burnsville, it has a little less volume and the prices are still 50% off too.  On we go with the Minneapolis Adventure!!!

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