Friday, June 24, 2016

Eating Out on The Company at 30 Hop & the Museum Visits

 SO the company paid for lunch on Deployment day and we chose to go to 30 Hop.

 Located at the Iowa River landing ares in Coralville, Iowa it's a nice looking place with an outdoor balcony seating area. Too hot for us that day though.
It has a kind of minimalist industrial vibe. Metal chairs and industrial looking tables on cement floors make for a kind of echoing place to eat.
 Their menu is crazy-They obviously are more popular for their beer offerings, but they also have a lot of vastly different things to choose from.
I like the rustic flag on the wall behind us! We had the company money to spend so we had appetizers-Grilled brussels sprouts, Chorizo Cheese dip and Caprese Skewers....those skewers were slippery little suckers, our waiter had them slip off the plate on to my shoulder! YIKES!!I had a light olive oil treatment for my hair! By far the chorizo cheese dip was the best thing to eat.
 I had the pulled pork sandwich which is served with apple slaw on top. It is listed on the menu as peach bbq. but I failed to taste any peach flavor at all. It was a very good sandwich though. I ordered a side of salt roasted carrots too. They had a great flavor but were very under cooked-crispy like a raw carrot. 
The guys ordered things ranging from the shrimp tacos to the 50/50 burger.  Overall everyone enjoyed their food.
 Next stop. The Johnson County Historical Society Museum and the Antique Car Museum of Iowa.
 The Historical Society has a nice homey exhibit-lots of displays about the small towns in Johnson county.
 Here's the board about Oxford!
And a lot of information about how things were back in the day.

 Very interesting stuff to see.
 Then on the other side of the building is the Antique Car museum of Iowa. You donate $5 to go to each museum and since we were spending the company money-we did both!
There are a TON of cars here! 
You are free to walk around and see them all, and there was a guy who would answer your questions.
Look a Book mobile!!
So we had a great day and of course we bonded as a team to be more productive. YUP, sure that's it!

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