Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Work Outing

So it is time for our annual deployment day at work. Deployment day is the day when management tells us what they expect from us in the coming year and they also outline the latest business plan for the year. As part of the day our work teams are each asked to depoly a meaningful activity to do as a team to help build cheeer and goodwill. We also get to go fo rlunch too! So out team decided to get some exercise (management is always saying we need to be healty) and get some outdoor time by visiting the Veterans Trail at Coralville lake. 
This is the trail that Hubs was honored to be recognized on in 2001. As one goes along the trial there are benches and resting places as well as a bird-watching shelter all in honor of a Johnson County Iowa veteran.

At each stop there ids a placard with a Quark code that links to a short video presentation about the veteran that is honored. 
It's a lovely little walk in the woods and it also gave us time to complete the written work we were assigned to get done! Then we hopped over to the Fossil Gorge located just a little ways away from the trail.
The Fossil Gorge was uncovered several years ago when there was flooding at the dam and the fossils from the Devonian era were uncovered after centuries of hiding!

There is an interactive display that children and adults both will find enjoyable and educational.
It's a really pretty, sunny area to visit and has interesting fossils all over the place. 
Here are some of the informational placards and a good look at some fossils.

People can explore the area and find the numbered areas in the stone and use the guide paper available there to identify to fossilized creatures. 
We saw tadpoles in the little pools.
It was a lovely morning to spend outdoors and we all had a good time. Up next-- LUNCH!

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