Thursday, June 30, 2016

Toilet Maintenance

SO, it's always something isn't it. This time it's the toilet in the men's room....that would be the bathroom closest to the kitchen. It won't fill up after flushing so I figured it needed a new fill valve...funny how there is one thing that's aptly named! I picked up a Korky replacement valve and it came with a flapper-which seems to be OK but hey, what else can I with a flapper valve. Nothing, so I'll replace it too.

Here's the old set up that isn't working so well right now. Seems like when I replaced this a few years ago they said something like "the last valve you'll ever need" on the I guess not.
I flushed away the water and dried up the excess with a towel then disconnected the water inlet line. Hooked up that new little flapper and then adjusted the fill valve height to fit the tank and water level. Those instructions are really easy to follow. The valve height adjustment is a little fussy, the height is really important so I take some time to get it juuuust right!
There's the new fill valve in place. I had to trim the water fill tube a bit, and now it seems to be working fine!
That project is done! Happy flushing in the men's room now!
Just watch your aim.

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