Friday, July 1, 2016

Quick Door Project

SO you might remember I have a friend who lives in an assisted living building. The folks there like to decorate the door to their apartments with a little seasonal cheer.
Since the 4th of July holiday is coming up I thought I'd whip up a seasonal little door banner for her. 
Thanks to my Mom and Bernie the Bernina, I chose a little patriotic birdhouse design. I made it 200% size...technical term there...and then let Bernie do the work.

There! That came out pretty cute didn't it! I put some scraps of blue fabric around it...Oh and I left the tear away stabilizer on the embroidery part. I figured since it won't be washed that would add a little bit of stiffness and keep it from drooping. It finished at about 10" X14" just right for the door!
I also like this design...very cute, that political hat birdhouse for all the  birdbrains right!

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