Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Last DIY Wedding Post...maybe

 So for the wedding centerpieces the Lovely Jean bought these vases from the dollar Tree-so they only cost a dollar! YAY! Then I used the comic book weddings that Uber son collect on line for me, and made a collage of them all in an easy peasy word document. The I printed that collage on vellum paper. I used an actual photocopier machine to make the color copies, to me, vellum looks fuzzy out of the ink jet printer.
Then I trimmed them to the right height, just even with the top of the vase. If you are doing this, make sure your design is right side up when you trim and attach to the vase.
 Then I taped the end that has the wider white margin to the side of the vase. Wonderful thing-the 8 1/2 X 11 paper fits the 11" way PERFECTLY with just the exact amount of overlap.
 Then I wrapped it around then taped it really well. I used the tape that is kind of frosty looking and it was really invisible! The plan is to put battery candles in these, so I put a little bit of salt in the bottom of each vase to lift the candle up just a little bit. We also decided to use two votives in each vase. Just a little bit brighter and pretty and fun!!

Here's the salt I used. It's pretty and white and doesn't discolor or make a hard shadow under the paper. And it's pretty cost effective and easy to find.
 There one box down 4 more to go.
 If you want to get these vases, here's the info from the box.

So these looked really fantastic at the wedding and I'll get that posting done soon!

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