Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wedding Fans Finished

SO I worked up the short program & agenda for the upcoming wedding on a word document. Lovely Jean approved the spelling and such and then I printed it out on some lovely gray card stock I found at Micheal's.  I googled around and saw this easy way folks were making fans for their weddings. And since it's August in Iowa, well you can bet it will be warm. I just hope it doesn't rain or I'll wish I could make umbrellas!
 So then I used the scoring tool on my little paper cutter to score the center of each page.
 See how I stuck that piece of green card stock on the ruler edge. That allows me to bump the edge of the page there and not have to measure over and over...150 times.
 Then I used my paper cutter to trim the edges. I could have just folded the 8 1/2X 11 paper in half and called it good, but it looks so much better to be a unique size.

 I just trimmed close to the edge at the top and then cut the bottoms near the print of the tree.
 They actually ended out about 5 1/2" X 8" folded.
 Now time for some assembly.  First I use packing tape to tape the wooden handle in place. I just eyeballed the center of one side. OOOpsy, see that picture below....I had a typo on the document, so I corrected it and then just printed on the blank side. No need to waste a bunch of card stock, no one, except you, will ever know it's inside the perfect printed fan.

Then I used the heavy duty  glue stick to glue one side of the paper, including the wooden handle, getting it all the way to the edge.

 Like this see? Then fold it over and smooth it out pressing it down good and firm!
 You want to be sure the edges are even and glued together really well.
 And here we go!
 more and more and more. Glue and smooth, glue and smooth...I used almost two entire glue sticks!
 Now the fans have dried overnight so now it's time to round the corners. I know it's not necessary, but look how good they look!!
I have a hnady little corner rounder punch, and it didn't take too long to do all of them.
 Now I picked up a few spools of this floral ribbon. It's a lot stiffer than the satin-like spools you see at JoAnn's and fabric stores. It also is the same on both sides so there's not a front and back so when you tie it you don't have to worry about the ugly side showing.
So do this.....
And then do this.....
And then do this.....
 with help from Bob

And you'll end up with 150 of these!
 Don't they look nice! Those rounded corners and unique size are just so nice looking!!
 And that blue ribbon knot just sets it off!
 Lots and lots of knots. Here they are in a blue basket all ready to go to the wedding location over in Cosgrove on Friday.
 Keep praying for no rain!!

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