Thursday, August 18, 2016

Project Finishes!!

 SO these cornhole boards are ready to get a shiny finish. I bought polyurethane in gloss finish and it says to put on 3 coats and sand in between, OK!

Here we go, I sanded the tops where I wood burned the design to smooth out any bumps. Then I wiped all the dust away with a tack cloth. then started slathering the poly on!

While I'm waiting for the coat to dry, I'm getting the Yahtzee paper ready. I made the big wooden dice for the yard game awhile back.....Here on my blog.
So I think we'll need jumbo sized Yahtzee score cards too. These tablets of paper are about 18'X 24" or something like that. I downloaded a scorecard on line so I would make it correctly. Bob helped me draw the lines
...yeah, thanks loads....

 Anyways, then I just wrote in the scoring information and then I did it ten times...not all at once! I had coats of polyurethane to sand and apply in between times!
 Another coat on.....
 And look the Yahtzee score sheets fit perfectly on the sign boards I made last year!
Ready to go for the yard game/cocktail time at that upcoming wedding.
And one other wedding related project is complete. This is the sign that the little grey dressed girls will be carrying.

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