Monday, August 29, 2016

Pre Work and the BIG DAY

SO on Monday the happy couple went down to the county offices and filed for their marriage license. It's a pretty long form 
 Good thing they could help each other ! It's supposed to be ready for them to pick up on FRIDAY!
 Then on FRIDAY it was also time to get the Cosgrove Institute gym ready for the reception and have the rehearsal. This is just a tiny sampling of all the drama involved with building the backdrop.
 See the plastic poles and fittings are supposed to all fit together and stand up so that fabric and lights can be draped over it in a stylish and attractive way.
 Well, try again, the poles will fit if you do it this way......
 No, it won't stay together, no it doesn't fit in the space.....
 let's try this way.....nevermind, let's work on something else. OK here we gooooo!
 Now it;s time for practice. The plan is that the ceremony will be outside, with the wedding party coming down the sidewalk and meeting under the pretty arch.
 Sounds like a good plan! Let's hope the rain holds off!!!
 OK, let's try this out! THe Bride's dad hands her off to the groom and they come on down!
 Take 2. Let's have them come down to here......OK everyone has it down I think!
 Now let's see how that backdrop is coming along!
 Looking good! Now to finish sticking the fabric in place! See that pretty monogram the bride got! Nice!
 And the signs to point folks to #knuckeyinlove are in place, and everyone is working to get the centerpieces in place.
 Tables are being wrapped in pretty gray paper...good work guys!!
 Wait is that one worker and two supervisors??
 Finally the backdrop is done, the tables are set and it's been a LONG Friday. On to the BIG DAY!
So to help out-of-towners find their way I made these signs! Hopefully they were helpful!
 Saturday afternoon and it's that time! The girls are getting dressed and the gray dresses look perfect! I'm so happy with the way they look!Here's Lena and Adalynn, they'll be the messengers carrying the sign that says, too late to run , here she comes!
 Look at Baby Callie-she's Dennis & Samantha's little girl, such a cutie pie and this is a rare picture while she has her shoes on!
 Here's Jayme the flower girl getting ready...she told me no pictures, but I'm sneaky.
 She has flowers in her hair, sooo cute!
 Meanwhile in the next building the fellas are getting ready to go too! Here's the groom having a little chat with his friend Summer.
 Meanwhile groomsman John plays some music to get prepared. He's crazy talented.
 And he has an appreciative groomsman looking on, Jake is also a super talented musician, so they are used to hanging around and making music.
And it's time!
 He's got the hand-off from the Dads and they are on their way!
 Look everyone made it down the sidewalk and were all in place! YAY!

 Then the receiving line-here's Gramma & Grandpa....
 And the klids hoping it's over soon!
And then it's time for the photographer to get some professional shots and take some time to keep the kids rounded up until they are needed.
 Can you tell they are getting tired of it all?

But they are so cute, just one more....

 Maybe one more.....
 OK make funny faces!!!
And then it's time to line up for the "real pictures"
 Those Bow ties I made really do look good. Lovely Jean found Marvel superhero suspenders and they were awesome! They tied the guys look all together.
 Lots and lots of pictures

 and lots
 and lots of pictures
The Dads cleaned up really well didn't they! And they are waiting for their call to be in the pictures.
And at last it's time for the reception.
 Everyone made it in!
 Old friends are having a great time!
 The first dance,  Paul McCartney's I WIll...such a great song!!!! Excellent choice!

 Cutting some cake
 And nice cake feeding too!
 The kids have a dance just for them!
 Such fun!!
 Loved this dance to a Jack Johnson song...I'll have to ask what the name was.

 And the BAND! Flash In A Pan was so great! They played all kinds of great music and what a bunch of NICE guys! So talented, I hope we get to see them play again soon!
 The phot booth was a huge hit-here's our picture!
AND on Sunday morning this is what was going on then! Phew, what a whirlwind of a weekend!! I'm so glad it''s all done! It was really a lovely wedding and everyone did everything perfectly! Now back to real life for the new Mr. & Mrs.

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