Wednesday, August 31, 2016

One Last Look

 So isn't this a great photo! Lon-the bride's Dad took it and I'm so glad he did. One fun thing about this venue, was that everyone who walked in had a memory of something that happened in this over 100 year old building. Some guests even went to school here!
 I think all of these pictures were taken by other people. It's so nice to have another view.
 Here's a better look at the messengers. Are they the most adorable kiddos! These are the bride's nieces. And I still can't get over how well the dresses fit and I'm so happy with the way they look! The grey lace just look wonderful in the bright sunlight and that blue sash is PERFECT!

 The Bride with her Dads. I haven't seen a nice full length view of her dress so this is about the best so far. She just looks lovely!

 And here's a look at the 3rd grey dress. Doesn't Jaymie look adorable in it! The lace at the yokes on the dress really stand out in the sun. And again that blue sash is sooo good! She was tossing petals, and did a great job!

 Here the siblings are! Kevin did such a good job keeping the rings in place on that little pillow.

The suspenders are so perfect! Lovely Jean really hit a homer with those! And no one complained about wearing the bow ties, so I think I got them right too!

I'm glad someone was able to get a picture of the dumping of the dirt! I joke about it but it was a nice symbolic moment for them all. And the tree is doing fine so far!

I guess that's all for now. If I see more pictures I'll have to share them too. Time to move on!

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