Saturday, September 3, 2016

Back In June I Made an Obelisk!

So I haven't posted about this yet. I made an Obelisk! Yup, and it's working great!! SO I made a rain barrel to catch rain water, but the gutter going to it was always in the way of the lawn mower and was right where you want to walk too. 
So here's the obelisk at work just the other day.....

 I bought one by one lumber-the pressure treated kind, for the four corners and then I used one by 2 pieces to make the cross parts.
All I had to do was build two sides that were the same,
Well you know me, the picture of perfection...snort..... mostly the same.

 I used short screws to put the whole thing together and I pee-drilled all the holes, because it seems like no matter what i do, I end up splitting the wood if I don't pre-drill.

 SO I made the two sides the same and the, since I was going to have this obelisk hold up my down spout, and the place it was going to stand is on the hill, I made one side of the lower legs shorter than the other!
 Here's the obelisk taking shape.
 I think if I have to do this again I might figure out how to miter those corners...but then again, it's only holding the downspout to the water barrel, so maybe not.
 And here it is!
 This was back in June, before I got tied up with other projects!
The obelisk has been working well all summer now! I made it tall enough so that people can walk under the downspout and the mower can get through there too!
 And the water barrel has been filled all summer! We've had a lot of rain.

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