Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day Flea Market

 I stopped by the Johnson County fairgrounds for the annual Ralston Greek labor Day Sale.  Lots of good stuff to see And what a nice morning. See those bird feeders made of vases and bowls. Pretty clever. I don't want to feed the birds, but a good idea is a good idea!
 I have one of the lightning rod dealios, DD got it for me-they were asking something like $30 for this one.
 This guy had lots of cool stuff, but nothing I needed to buy.
 I wonder if I should learn to use a spinning wheel? Maybe not...but they had one for sale here!!
 See these NOS (New Old Stock) Halloween bags...$12 each! Wow!
 There was a good crowd and it seemed like a lot fo folks were buying stuff.
 I almost bought this picnic basket....I really should have....but I have enough for now I guess.
 These folks were selling wooden spools and they made some into clocks. That yellow painted one was $175. I do like that idea of the treadle legs with a spool top though. Another good idea!

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