Thursday, September 8, 2016

P & G Everyday and A "Mug-Shot"

So you know I work for P&G (#PGemployee) so I like to keep up with what they're showing to all of us consumers! They have this website called P&G Everyday. It has coupons and little tips and you can also submit reviews of P&G's products. You do have to create a log in and password. 
They will send you an email every once in awhile-I get one about once a month. And sometimes the email comes with a coupon. Like the one I got for this......

Yup, they sent me a coupon for a free mug from Shutterfly!
BTW, I didn't get any compensation or anything for this blog post about P&G Everyday & Shutterfly. I just thought I'd share with you how I got this cute mug!
 So I went to the Shutterfly web page and downloaded some recent photos...go figure, wedding again!! I put in the coupon code that came in the email from P&G Everyday and I only had to pay shipping-about $8 I think it was. And look how cool this is!!
  I get my P&G Everyday email at work ( I forward it to my home so I can access my pictures) so I only had one day before the coupon expired, because I had been on vacation at a wedding!!!
 I think Lovely Jean will like this mug for her new desk when she moves jobs into her new area in just a few weeks.
 Hi Lovely Jean-I know you're reading this, so you should stop over and pick up this little beauty when you get a minute!
And sign up for P&G everyday!


Jean said...

I'll stop over tomorrow morning. Almost looking forward to Monday. But gotta enjoy the weekend first.

knuckstermom said...

Have a Safe and wonderful weekend!