Saturday, September 10, 2016

Mad Modern & The Chair

So I headed up to Cedar Rapids to attend an estate sale...too bad, nothing there that I needed to buy, so I hit a few garage sales. I was really hunting for a chair for my friend who lives in an assisted living apartment. She is having a hard time getting out of her favorite chair. I had looked at new chairs in the furniture stores and they are too low, too wide, too expensive, too soft, I'm feeling ya Goldilocks!
Anyways I had almost settled for a chair at one of the consignment shops, but didn't want to pay their price, I thought I'd drive home and if they still had it next week then that would be it, then I stopped at a  stop sign just a few blocks from the New Bo Market and saw this........ 

WOW! What is this wonderful place of Mid Century wonderful-ness????!!! 
It's Mad Modern! I had never seen this place before, look here's the picture from his Mad Modern Facebook Page.
It used to be a service station obviously and is located just a couple blocks from The New Bohemian Market in Cedar Rapids at 227 16Th Ave SE. Anyways I bought the striped upholstered chair in the top picture. It sits firmly, is a great height and is just the right size for my friend's apartment. And best of all she can get up from it all by herself!

Here she is sitting in her new chair. I'm so glad it suits her so well, but if she wouldn't have liked it I would have kept it for sure! Not a huge fan of the upholstery, but I could fix that, Love those cut out solid wood arms, such a great design!


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