Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bonnie Do List

SO I got a lot of things done yesterday! I visited my old lady friend Loretta up in Cedar Rapids, I got some groceries, and went to the library!
 And I replaced the front  closet door knob..the old one fell apart. I had a heck of a time getting the old one out. But the new one went in pretty easily. Looks Good, right! I hope they all aren't going to fall apart-they all came with the house at the same time.....
 Then when it snowed on Monday I was blowing the driveway and the auger control cable broke! So I right away ordered a new cable from Amazon, only $15! YAY! The weather was nice so I went to the garage with my laptop to watch the how to videos on you tube.
I took an extra picture of this little part, It's a pulley guide,  because I knew I wouldn't remember how to put it back on.
 It was a good thing I had the video handy because I had the little hooky thing on the end of the cable that goes on the control lever, attached incorrectly. Now it's right!
 There all Done! Seems to work OK. No snow left to test it out on though! Oh well I'm  ready for the next time!

How come the people in the videos never get dirty and greasy and break their finger nail? The Bonnie Do list is done for today!

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