Friday, March 10, 2017

Mom's Project

SO, when we were traveling home from Minnesota, we stopped off at the folk's house. I hadn't visited with Mom & Dad for weeks! Of course I had to show off my new fabric
and then we got to talking about projects and Mom said she was flooded with projects to finish!
 She had the embroidery part done for this tote bag project from her Bernina Club, but hadn't had time to finish it. SO I took it from her! HA-take that UFO!! (that's Un Finished Object)
 So here it is! All done, I actually made 3 bags-she had enough fabric so why not?!
 I made 2 like this, with the red canvas bottoms and then here's the prettiest one with the embroidery design on it.
This is a pretty cute bag, but I wouldn't recommend the pattern. It's called the Sew Square bag from Sew Demented. Yes, demented.  It's lacking in clear directions ...demented maybe....and honestly I think there are a couple of easier ways to get the same result. They certainly take it for granted that one knows how to apply binding, because there are almost no directions. And it's up to you to figure out how to attach the handle. Anyways, the end result is a nice tote bag. 

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